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CCCC Ministry Technology Department has established and will maintain a wireless access for coworkers to connect to the Internet via secured wireless technology within the Church vicinity. This access service is intended for church ministry purposes and for church member's convenience. This policy has been developed to ensure the network security and maintain the accessibility of this wireless access.

Limited Access

Authorized access will only be granted to members of CCCC. To maintain the network efficiency and security, only a limited number of web sites can be accessed:

  1. Religious sites
  2. Web mail sites
  3. Software and technology sites
  4. Search engines
  5. wikipedia.org

Application and Approval Process for Additional Web Sites Access

Coworkers who wish to add additional web sites to the list in the Limited Access section must complete the application/approval process. An applicant first completes the Wireless Internet Access Application Form; then, the application shall be endorsed by the deacon/pastor in charge; finally, MT department will make the final decision of approval or denial.

MT department reserves the right to revoke access to any web site listed in the Limited Access section, with or without prior notice.

User Responsibilities

Due to increasing threats of network security, all users must be aware of internet security threats and assume the responsibility of safety of using the wireless access. All users must read, understand, and abide by the CCCC Wireless Internet Access User Agreement

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