Columbus Chinese Christian Church
Community Group Outreach 社群關懷

Mission Statement

  1. Plan and coordinate CCCC community groups outreach strategy.
  2. Plan and coordinate annual health fair, blood drive, and other health related events.
  3. Plan and coordinate ESL and career development seminars.
  4. Review and approval facility use requests by external groups or individuals.
  5. Review and suggest outreach activities with other community groups.
  6. Revise and implement CGO long-term plan to include advanced services such as single parent ministry, youth academic enhancement program, senior day care, etc. 

Our church sponsors the following community services:

English as Second Language Program

Health Fair

Free Clinic (records archive)

Our church also partners with International Friendships, Inc. (IFI), a Christian community organization that works in partnership with volunteers from churches to promote friendship and hospitality for international students, scholars and family members. As volunteers meet the student’s practical needs, such as help with settling in and English conversation, there are natural opportunities to build a friendship and share about their faith. For more info or to get involved, please go to IFI web site.