Columbus Chinese Christian Church
主日學 Sunday School

主日學是我們教會中重要而必須的一部分,經由主日學,我們有機會在神又真又活的道上 一同學習成長。在主日學中,學生們不但能在知識或實際應用方面得屬靈的造就,也能進 而在真道上造就別人。我們教會提供多種的主日學課程給各種不同需要的學生:有不定期 為慕道友所開設的慕道班、為新信徒的初信造就班或門徒訓練班,亦有為基督徒所開設的 聖經神學及信仰應用課程。每一個學季,皆有開設華語(成人)粵語(成人)英語(成人、青少年與兒童)的課程。我們誠摯的歡迎及鼓勵您全家人來參加,讓我們在主日的早晨,一同在神的真道上裝備自己。

Sunday school classes are a vital component of our church. Through these classes, we mature collectively in our knowledge and practical application of God's living Word. In these classes, students not only are spiritually nourished but also learn to nourish others in the Word. Our church offers several classes for a wide range of student audiences such as seeker's classes for anyone who is interested in finding out more about Christianity, discipleship trainings to strengthen newly converted Christians’ faith and theological application classes for more mature Christians, who actively serve in many ministries. Each quarter, classes conducted in Mandarin (adult), Cantonese (adult) and English (adult, youth and children) are available. We welcome and encourage you and your family to study and equip yourself in God's truth with us on Sunday mornings.