Columbus Chinese Christian Church
Mission Department 差傳部

Mission Statement

  1. To encourage intercessory prayer from the congregation for world missions and for our supported ME (Mission Entity including missionaries and mission organizations).
  2. To educate the congregation about world missions and the ministries supported by our church via Sunday school classes, the annual missions conference, missionary visits, presentations, and bulletin board display.
  3. To provide practical assistance and care to our supported ME.
  4. To inspire, mobilize, equip the congregation to be involved in missions work. This includes organizing activities such as short-term mission trips.
  5. To prepare annual missions budget and oversee its allocation through out the year.
  6. To serve as a liaison between our church and our supported ME.
  7. To review and revise the list of ME supported by our church annually.
  8. To review and revise missions policy and procedures as needed.

大使命 -- "去,使萬民作我的門徒.."( 馬太福音廿八章19至20節) 。這個主的吩咐是一個基督徒的權利,也是一種命令。在過去幾年中,我們的短宣隊在泰國, 臺灣和中國分享福音。我們也在禱告和財政上支持多個長期宣教隊伍。

We praise the Lord that as a group, we are able to support many missionary teams.