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Serving in Unity and Witnessing to Community

Our themes this year:

    English: "know and make Him known"
    Mandarin: "委身天國 見證基督"
    Cantonese: "基督真理 薪火相傳"

The Columbus Chinese Christian Church strives to be the kind of church modelled in the Bible through worship, teaching, music, and every other area of ministry.  Whether you are looking at Christianity for the first time, or a Christian who wants to grow deeper in your walk with Christ our Lord, you will find a place here.

Sunday Services Sunday services
        Time   Location
Cantonese 9:30 AM   Chapel
English 11:00 AM   Activity Hall
Mandarin 11:00 AM   Sanctuary
Mandarin 3:00 PM   Chapel
Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Columbus Chinese Christian Church  
4141 Maize Road
Columbus, OH 43224

Telephone:  614-715-2212


Quick Facts on CCCC
  • Founded in 1976
  • Current location since 1997
  • Pastors:
    • Mandarin:
      • Rev. Stephen Oo
      • (Senior Pastor)
      • Rev. Jonathon Zhang
    • English:
      • Rev. Nick Scarpuzzi
    • Cantonese:
      • Rev. Arthur Li
    • Youth/College:
      • Rev. Victor Sung

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Personal Testimonies As Christians, we treasure opportunities to share what God has done in our life past or present:

Anna Wang's Testimony

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